About Us

Fort Lauderdale Limo Services is a thriving member of the Limousine Industry and a prominent member of the Fort Lauderdale society and environment. Since day one, our goal has always to meet our customers’needs and ensure their satisfaction before, during, and after traveling in one of our luxurious limousines, cars, or buses.

Our fleet of luxury vehicles consists of the latest, most durable, and in-demand models. Although we select each vehicle in our fleet according to specs and features as well as other important factors, we do not cut corners to enhance their interiors and exteriors. Trust to find everything you need in our vehicles, starting from DVD players and LCDs to storage compartments and all the way to special party lighting.

In order to stand out, we abandoned the generic service structure of our industry. Instead, we deliver individualized services, customizing everything we have to offer according to our clients’needs and requirements. Everything we do is for our clients’sake, starting from selecting the next car we add to our fleet, to customizing it, and all the way to picking and dropping you at your destination. Therefore, we are adept at transporting individuals, couples, families, businesspersons, public figures, and many more.

What drives us to excel is the fact that we listen to our customers and even read between the lines to truly grasp their needs before they state them. Our attention to detail, however, is only one of the factors we have recurring customers select our services to travel around town.

Complementing our special customer care is the efforts of our multi-skilled chauffeurs. Each chauffeur associated with our company is an accomplished driver who has undergone intense safety training as well as special workshops on dealing with passengers. They always think proactively, anticipate clients’needs, and are extremely polite. We go the extra mile to brief each driver about the customer they are going to serve and provide special instructions they may have specified. That way, they help us achieve our goal, which is to ensure client satisfaction every time.

This is what we are and what we do. Trust us to always go the extra mile for you regardless of your needs. Whether you need a reliable limousine service for your daughter’s Quinceañera, a party bus for your entourage, or a luxury car to transport your business associates, Fort Lauderdale Limo Services will prove to be the right choice every time.

Our History
Fort Lauderdale Limo Services is proud to have started as a small company with a few limousines making up its fleet. Our humble beginnings are what drove us to aim high from day one, motivating us every day to expand our fleet, improve our workforce, and discover the best ways to please our clients and keep them coming back for more. Though our company has expanded beyond limousines to include luxury cars, full-size SUVs and party vans, our clients can always be sure that we will expand further to become their first and only choice for traveling around the city in the classiest vehicles, chauffeured by the best, most skilled drivers in the state.

Fort Lauderdale Limo Services aims to become the first limousine, luxury car and party bus provider in the city and, ultimately, the state. We are slowly making our way to the top with the help of the best vehicles, top chauffeurs in the city, and excellent people working in the background to ensure our clients only high quality. However, trust us to constantly keep updating our fleet and services to meet your changing needs and truly become your sole provider for the finest limousines and chauffeured luxury cars.

Our mission also extends to the society and environment we operate in. Despite our line of work, we at Fort Lauderdale Limo Services take an active part in protecting both to ensure healthy surroundings for our present and future generations. Therefore, we take measures that counteract the carbon omissions of our vehicles, including choosing the shortest routes while transporting our clients.

In a few years, we see Fort Lauderdale Limo Services as the No. 1 limousine services in Florida as we aim to expand to serve the state as well. We believe we will be renowned for ensuring the comfort of our passengers while transporting them in style. Our fleet will also be known for featuring the most luxurious and technologically advanced vehicles in the market, making us the best choice for VIPs and businesspeople visiting Fort Lauderdale.

What Separates Us from the Rest
We take our mission and vision very seriously, which is why our whole team has been working hard to stand out since we opened our doors for our customers. We take pride in our efforts to be unique through the following:
▪ A fleet of luxurious cars that are not just new, but are customized to match different clients’needs
▪ The best chauffeurs in the city, who are not only excellent drivers, but also friendly hosts during your trip in one of our cars
▪ Individually designed customer care plan that is established after thoroughly understanding your needs
▪ Excellent records and reputation in the limousine industry, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of our passengers and cars
▪ A smart schedule planning system that takes into consideration different factors to ensure timely pickups or drop-offs

However, do not take our word or previous clients’testimonials alone. We welcome you to call us at (954) 606-5330 and try your services yourself. We are confident that you will become a regular after your very first trip with us. And do not worry; we never slack after your first time in one of our cars. Always expect the best every time you travel with Fort Lauderdale Limo Services.