2015 Mercedes Sprinter Bus – An Experience That You Will Never Forget
Promising a lavish and elegant experience, the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter is the perfect vehicle for transporting partygoers and guests to and from your special events in style and with added safety. The jet-black tinted windows further ensure passengers’privacy and security, making it as suitable for corporate events as it is for parties.
The party bus also has an extravagantly beautiful interior that complements its robust exterior. Furnished with comfortable leather seats, the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter also features a mini-bar stocked with cocktails and a top of the line music system and entertainment hub. Rest assured you and your friends/employees/family members will enjoy your trip the minute you enter the vehicle.
The following are what you will also get by renting the Mercedes Sprinter Bus from Fort Lauderdale Limo Services:
▪ Comfortable 13-people seating arrangement
▪ Fiber optic lighting for a club-like environment
▪ Posh leather seats and relaxing interior
▪ A\C power outlets
▪ Captain chairs
▪ Mood lighting
▪ Reclining seats
▪ Booming sound system with iPod AUX integration
▪ Entertainment hub (including a flat screen TV with a DVD player)
Events for Which This Vehicle is Best For
Although we recommend this vehicle for different purposes, the Mercedes Sprinter is most suitable as a party bus. Instead of taking you to the party, this bus brings the party to you. In addition to the vehicle, we offer our clients the following perks to our services:
▪ Punctuality in pick-ups and drop-offs
▪ Cleanliness and proper hygiene throughout the bus
▪ Safety throughout your trip thanks to our drivers’ expertise
▪ Dedication to your privacy as you travel
Expect nothing less than a professional attitude from our chauffeurs. Though they will be silent to respect your privacy, they are always alert to counter an unexpected situation. That way, you can concentrate on enjoying the mini party in the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter until you reach your destination.
Think that the Mercedes Sprinter is the car for you? Pick up the phone and call (954) 606-5330 to book it for your next trip.

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