Black Escalade SUV

Black Escalade SUV – Urban Commute King
Fort Lauderdale Limo Services is proud to add yet another state of the art luxury vehicle in its ever expanding fleet: The Black Escalade SUV. It is a perfect mixture of intricacy, functionality and supreme technology. Our staff call it the King of Urban Commute because it conquers all obstacles put in front of it. It dominates all kinds of roads and you can count on it to deliver maximum performance regardless of terrain.
Since 1902, Cadillac has been making the world’s top of the line luxury vehicles; and just like it has dominated every genre of automobiles, the Escalade SUV flaunts technology and design that is yet to be matched by other brands, proving once again that Cadillac does not compromise on class.
As soon as you open the door of our company’s Escalade, the class and beauty of the interior will impress you and your passengers. Every single detail on the inside has been hand chosen by Cadillac to deliver a memorable experience while you travel.As your eyes move around, you will notice the added state-of-the-art of entertainment and information hub. However, that is just one of the perks of commuting in this car.
The generous space of the Black Escalade SUV allows you to travel comfortably and even placeyour luggage close by without worrying about feeling cramped. The vehicle also boasts a tremendous towing capacity, making it ideal for taking your boat to the nearest beach. To top it all, it is one of the safest SUVs in the world with the interior acting like a safety cage infused with extremely strong steel alloy. Combine that with the experience and skills of our chauffeurs and you can be sure of your own safety as well as your fellow passengers throughout the trip.
Other valuable features we offer with these cars include:
▪ Multi-level heating passenger seat
▪ 8 -way power, adjustable seats with lumbar support
▪ Premium quality leather
▪ Rear ventilation ducts with fan control
▪ External temperature display, a compass and well-placed cup holders.
▪ Power outlets
▪ Tri-zone climate control
▪ Sun sensor (auto-climate control which adjusts with sun-shine intensity)
▪ Reading lights
▪ Premium music system with speed sensitive volume control.
▪ Refrigerator and wet bar
Events for Which This Vehicle is Best For
The Black Escalade SUV is a versatile vehicle that can be used for various events. If you are planning a family picnic or want to travel comfortably with friends, this is the car for you. We can make your wine tour, city tour, airport pick and drop, and transport to and from event venues a memorable experience. We are equally prepared for the sunny days Florida is known for, which is why our SUV comes with tri-zone climate control technology to keep everyone cool, including your newborn baby.
Personal use aside the Black Escalade SUVis suitable for corporate transport. Whether you want to arrive to a corporate dinner or party in style or show associates, business partners, or investors a good time while they are in town, this is the vehicle that can help you make a lasting impression. We can further provide additional services, such as serving the beverages of your choice, further flaunting your style and boosting your business’image.
Regardless of why you decide to book our Escalade SUV, trust us to deliver a customized experience that matches your needs. Our chauffeurs are well trained professionals who are flexible enough to either act as your guides as you travel around Fort Lauderdale or provide you with ample privacy at the back. With their knowledge of the best routes to take even during rush hour, you will never be late to your destination
In addition to providing the best prices for top luxury vehicles, we also guarantee the following every time you book our services:
▪ Friendly service for all passengers as well as special attention to their privacy
▪ Clean cars that shine on the outside and model the best hygiene practices on the inside
▪ Additional valuable services such as offering local newspaper and serving cold beverages
▪ Dedication to passengers’comfort throughout their trip

If you are ready to redefine luxury while riding in our Black Escalade SUV, call (954) 606-5330 and book it for your next event. Trust us to exceed all your expectations.

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