White Escalade Stretch

White Escalade Stretch – The Modern and Stylish Limousine
Fort Lauderdale Limo Services presents the most stylish limousine you can ever lay your eyes on. Offering the capacity to seat up to 20 people, this luxury vehicle offers extra space for passengers to stretch their legs comfortably as they travel across the city and enjoy its beauty. Offering an experience that matches that of your favorite club, the car is designed to entertain party lovers. On the other hand, the interior itself is comfortable, making the Escalade Stretch the best car to relax in after hours of partying.
You will not be compromising on any aspect while you are in our White Escalade Stretch. After all, Cadillac is a brand that excels in every single category, making this vehicle the fastest, sportiest and most luxurious in the world of limousines. Combined with our customized add-ons, this is one vehicle you will love sitting in and stepping out of.
By opting for the White Escalade Stretch, you will get to enjoy the following features:
▪ Fireproof passenger airbags for maximum security
▪ Cooled\heated seats for extended comfort
▪ User-friendly intercom to communicate with driver
▪ Tinted windows for privacy
▪ Wet bar stocked with various cocktails
▪ Fiber optic lighting, strobe lightning and fog machine for a club-like ambience
▪ Wi-Fi connection
▪ Premium surround sound system
▪ Touch screen entertainment hub
▪ TV\DVD player and LCD
▪ Power outlets
▪ Wrap around top quality leather seats with foot rests for add comfort
Events for Which This Vehicle is Best For
Whether you are selecting the best vehicle for prom night, your bachelor party, or for attending a new nightclub, choose the Escalade every time. We also offer executive clients the comfort and luxury of our Cadillac Stretch, especially to transport their business partners and those visiting their offices in Fort Lauderdale.
How you want to use our Cadillac Escalade is only limited by your imagination. Therefore, you are welcome to hire our services for a range of events, including VIP parties, wedding receptions, award ceremonies, corporate milestone functions or grand picnics. If you intend on celebrating any beautiful occasion and want to make it more fun, the Cadillac Escalade Stretch is the right choice,
You will get a dedicated chauffeur when you book this vehicle. In addition to being skilled behind the wheel, our drivers are trained to ensure passengers a lot of fun and ample comfort. Our chauffeurs are also dedicated to your safety, making them the right people to drive you home after you have had a few drinks.
All that aside, you can be sure of the following every time you opt for the White Escalade Stretch from Fort Lauderdale Limo Services:
▪ Full privacy for you and the other passengers at the back of the vehicle
▪ Party-friendly environment complemented by a friendly, polite driver
▪ Dedication to cleanliness and proper hygiene
▪ Add-on services that will make your trip even more comfortable and memorable
Call Fort Lauderdale Limo Services at (954) 606-5330 right away and experience firsthand the wonder of partying on wheels the next time you are in the city.

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